"This class provided me with a broader scope of what I can do in my practice with hair restoration"

Dr. Desmond Ebanks, CHC

Alternity Healthcare

West Hartford, Connecticut

”An excellent course. The PRP training was by far the best training I've had. Extremely professional, very friendly, made a very positive experience"

Wendy Wiggs, ARNP, CHC
Gainesville, Florida

"I enjoyed finally having a complete system to get started in performing comprehensive consultations for my clients who are experiencing hair loss"

Karen Gordon, CHC
Karen Gordon Hair Loss Solutions

Chicago, Illinois

Medical Professional Video Review

”This course was excellent: a large amount of didactic and hands-on experience in hair restoration.  The information is going to help me help my patients"

Dr. David Drucker, CHC
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Medical Professional Video Review

 “Completely engaging; the training flows wonderfully. Dr. Bauman is THE BEST at explaining hair loss and treatments”

Deborah Parker, CHC

Vitalogy Wellness Clinic

Homewood, Alabama

Medical Professional Video Review

Medical Professional Video Review

Beauty Professional Video Review

"A very educational and entertaining class - I really enjoyed it.  I'm excited about implementing some of the things that I Iearned today"

Dr. Albert Kattine, CHC
Nashville, Tennessee

“Concise and thorough introduction to medical evaluation, prevention and treatment of hair loss in both men and women”

Dr. Jan V. Karlin, CHC – Biodentical Hormones Specialist - Nova Cosmetic Center

Orlando, Florida

”Today’s class was excellent. There is no source like Bauman Medical for up-to-date and accurate scientific discussion and treatment of hair loss”

Dr. Stephen A. Chagares, CHC

The Plastic Surgery Center

New Jersey

"In 30 plus years of hair replacement and educating other professionals, this program has set a new standard for the genesis of our specialty for solutions in hair thinning and hair loss management"

Jeffrey Paul, CHC
Jeffrey Paul Salon

Cleveland, Ohio

Medical Professional Video Review

“The information provided answered the questions I came with”

Linda Lea, ARNP-CNP, CHC

Linda Lea Clinic

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Well organized, very informative”

Dr. Farah Sultan, CHC

Vitalogy Wellness Clinic

Homewood, Alabama

”I was very impressed - awesome program. I highly recommend it. I enjoyed especially the PRP teaching portion"

Dr. Pascal Bordy, CHC

Port Charlotte, Florida

“The passion and compassion for wanting the best outcome possible for the client”

Jason Holland, BMO, CLE, CHC

Institute for Hormonal Balance

Orlando, Florida

Reviews by Medical & Beauty Professionals

“Today’s class was very inspiring for me as a hair stylist to take the next step to help my clients by closing the gap between myself and Dr. Bauman”

Alandra Henderson, CHC
DL Lowry HairSpa

Indianapolis, Indiana

IMPORTANT NOTE: This program is not substitute for medical advice.

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”Stylists - if you have to tell one client you don't know what to do for their hair loss, I suggest you become a HairCoach. It will change your world, and theirs too!”

Brent Hardgrave, CHC

Reunited Hairlines

Atlanta, Georgia

"I have been in the hair replacement industry for 26 years. This class takes it to the next level. So much information. Very well done"

Kristin Webb, CHC
Profiles By Kristin

Syracuse, New York